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Sweet Things Cakery

We were fortunate enough to be standing next to the lovely Megan Miller of Sweet Things Cakery when we attended the Steel Panther concert in April up in Baltimore. She showed us a few pictures of her incredible creations and we knew we HAD to commission some cakes from her! Luckily, she was up to the task when we flew up to Baltimore recently for the RavenEye USA tour and also chat with Anthony Esposito and Jake E. Lee.

Cake for everyone!! Check out her beautiful work here and order your cake today!

You are the owner and baker of Sweet Things Cakery. How long has Sweet Things been around and how did such a "sweet" idea come about?

I've been making cakes for about 4 years. I never intended to be a baker or cake decorator, actually. I had a friend who was talking about having a guitar cake for her birthday and I jokingly said I could do it. I ended up actually attempting it and it turned out really well! After that, I couldn't really go back!

Where did the interest in creating such artistic cakes come from?

I've always been an artist. I'm always customizing everything in my head and thinking outside of the box so naturally, I apply those things to my baking.

We understand you designed a cake for Rob Zombie. Tell us how that came about.

 did! Matt [aka Piggy D, bassist] has seen my work and I had been telling him forever that I wanted to do a cake for them. I knew it had to be THE best cake I've ever made so I kept putting it off not having a design. One day, the music video for The Life and Times of a Teenage Rock God came out and I instantly knew I had to make that into a cake. It was an extra challenge making the entire cake vegan since the whole band is vegan!

Have you designed for any other music artists? Is that a focus?

I've done cakes for Shaman's Harvest, Pop Evil, Quiet Riot, and Silvertung. I've also done cupcakes for Sixx: A.M. and Ratt and had fans commission cupcakes to give to Kix and Vince Neil. Music related cakes for artists and fans are definitely a focus of mine that I've been building rapidly in the last year or so. I want to be the person you think of when you need a cake for a band or a music event.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to mostly rock. I like almost all of the sub-genres but my heart is in the 80s and I gravitate most towards the "hair" bands vs modern artists.

Who are you currently listening to?

Everything! Lately I've had Killer Dwarfs, Shaman's Harvest, Vain, and Prophets of Addiction in

heavy rotation. Some of my new favorites I highly recommend checking out are The Haxans, Kickin Valentina, 86 Bullets, and Station.

First concert?

Paramore and New Found Glory at the DE state fair in July 2010

Most recent concert?

Michael Sweet (from Stryper) acoustic last month That Just Happened moment?

The most insane I Can't Believe That Just Happened moment for me was when I got to meet my all-time favorite drummer, Zoltan Chaney. If you've never heard of him I urge you to look up a video of him playing right now! Not only did I get to meet him but he brought me on stage before Slaughter's set to show me his drums and even took a picture of me at his kit. THEN, he offered to let me watch the set from side stage except his idea of "side stage" for me was RIGHT NEXT TO HIM on the stage, behind the Marshall stacks. It was unreal to watch him play so up close and personal and I'm still so grateful for all the love he showed me that day. He even stole a cupcake I made from Kix!

You make cakes for other people, what is YOUR favorite cake?

That's like asking someone to choose their favorite child! I guess I have to go with the cake I made for my own birthday one year. It was based on one of Piggy D's custom basses shaped like a vintage Ben Cooper Frankenstein mask. It was pretty cool because I hand painted it with food coloring and gave it glowing red eyes.

What vision do you have for Sweet Things Cakery in the next 3 years?

I'm taking things as they come and doing whatever I can to build the name and take in more orders. I'm currently working on having merch made with the pin-up girl logo and should have a few things up for sale soon. I have a few secret endeavors in the works and really appreciate everyone who has believed in me and helped boost me up in the cake and music world thus far!

Sweet Things Cakery: @sweetthingscake

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