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Roxxy Summers is the ultimate rock chick. More than comfortable in front of the camera, she is the “face” of THAT JUST HAPPENED. But, THAT just didn’t happen overnight.

Growing up just south of Dallas, TX, her musical environment as a youngster was not unlike most of us, shaped by the tastes of her parents. Whatever mom and pops had on the hi-fi turn table was what filled her adolescent ears and shaped her tastes. That is until hair metal happened. More specifically, Kip Winger happened. From that moment on, Pandora’s box had been opened. Infatuation with the music, fronted by screamers with names like, Sebastian, David, Vince and Brett, continues to this day. 

From those humble, starry-eyed beginnings, a musical journey spanning many years has culminated into co-creating the ultimate outlet and expression of fandom:  THAT JUST HAPPENED



Front Row Joe started life as any normal white, lower middle class kid might have…dreams of becoming a rock star! When that never fell in his lap, he decided to live vicariously through his favorite bands getting as close to the action as possible:  a spot in the front row! 

With pops’ collection of rock vinyl (Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Peter Frampton, etc.) and a maternal record catalogue of folk and Broadway soundtrack wax, his formative years were spent listening to FM radio with his mother’s tape recorder next to the squawk box tuned into the local Dallas, TX rock station. Working the play/record and pause button furiously, he created a mountain of mix tapes. Yes, folks. He’s that old. From there he graduated to introductory BMG offers found in the middle of Spin or Rolling Stones mags peddling 10 tapes for just a penny (plus shipping and handling). Soon after, saw the dawning of the age of Compact Discs and a minimum wage job slinging’ hamburgers providing funds for frequent trips to the Camelot Music store after high school art class. 

With many musical phases mixed into those grown’ up years, FRJ saw a vacillation between metal, rock, punk, blues, pop, thrash, classic rock, among other genres too numerous to include here, never forsaking one for the other.

Again looking to insert him into the world in which he loves, the launch of THAT JUST HAPPENED has turned an average Joe, now, into a Front Row Joe!

Why "That Just Happened"? In a nutshell, we live for live music and the moments that we'll talk about for years to come. After traveling wherever and whenever for our favorite bands, we have been fortunate enough to meet amazing, interesting people and sharing each other's experiences. Our goal of this venture is to build a community for artists, musicians and fans alike and support the live music scene. 

We are excited to expose the community to new music, new artists or just to share more about existing artists you might have missed. Thanks for growing with us and we look forward to many more "that just happened" moments!

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