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Alter Bridge - Revolution Live

This was my fifth time seeing these guys including a set of back-to-back shows in support of their very first album, “One Day Remains” back in 2005. Sponsored by Jagermeister (still have the lanyard and laminate), the show was a triumphant re-entry into the biz after the disbanding of Creed. Since then, Mark Tremonti and the boys haven’t looked back. Last night’s show was proof they are only getting better. Openners, local hardcore vets, Nonpoint, closed their set with their vitriol hit, “Bullet With A Name”, leaving the crowd whipped into a frenzy not wanting the ride to end. But, a breather was needed in order to re-frame the mind and prepare for an onslaught of 3 time guitarist of the year award winner (consecutive, mind you), Tremonti, and atmospherical vocalist Myles Kennedy. Together, as songwriters for the group, the duo has produced hit after hit and some of the most poignant poems set to music since Simon and Garfunkel. A sampling was displayed that night with the electric “Blackbird”, “Wonderful Life” and “Watch Over You” (the latter two titles delivered via acoustic set with Myles only). Other blistering well-knowns were delivered via “White Knuckles” and the soaring “Open Your Eyes” within a super set of 20 songs over a 2+ hour set. Little time for chit chat was alotted in between songs save for the occasional rock greeting of, “Let me hear you Ft Lauderdale!”. Soul satisfying power chords were masterfully laid atop bone crunching bass lines accentuated by masterful guitar solos courtesy of both Tremonti and Kennedy. Such an atomic alchemy spawned head banging ballads such as, “Crows On A Wire”, “Cry of Achilles” and “Addicted to Pain” before closing the show with “Rise Today”. Can not WAIT for the next show!

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