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Melodie Blaize of SnipTease - Live Interview

There are so many ways to describe Melodie Blaize, creator of SNIPTEASE CLOTHING...artist, innovator, environmentalist...but no matter which term you choose, the word AWESOME should always be included. We first learned of Melodie and SnipTease at Rockfest 2016 and began to follow her online. Her designs are fresh and exciting and when That Just Happened...well, "happened"...we knew we wanted to do a fan feature on this incredible talent.

Melodie visited us recently and snipped away at some of our favorite concert t-shirts that have sadly been sitting in the closet. While she was here, we asked her a few questions and as expected, her enthusiasm for her art and life in general is absolutely contagious.

Have some oversized (or ill-fitting) concert shirts or "iffy" pieces of clothing you have been tempted to toss away? Give Melodie a shout first, she can revitalize your wardrobe into custom, one-of-a-kind works of art! Find SnipTease online: Website: Facebook: @SnipTease Instagram: @sniptease Twitter: @snip_tease

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