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RavenEye - Live Interview & Concert Review

Had the absolute good fortune to see these guys a year ago in support of The Darkness, opening for them at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX. Now, this go around, they are on the road with their own headlining tour to include 16 dates throughout the US starting in the northeast and finishing up with 3 dates in Texas, coincidentally enough. The tour launches their album release, “Nova,” a follow up to their 5 track EP, “Breaking Out”. Oli Brown holds down the lead guitar and vocals for the group. With a background as a celebrated solo bluesman back in his native UK, Oli has indeed infused RavenEye’s repertoire with plenty of riffs awash in the blues. But don’t label them as a blues band or even a blues rock band. Hard rock is close but doesn’t encompass the many facets that make up their set list. Aaron Spiers drives the bass line and lends his voice for harmonizing vocals. Capable and fleet of finger, he and brand new addition on drums, Adam Breeze, round out the power trio. It is obvious from their shows, and hanging out for just a few minutes before and after the gig, these chaps are having the time of their lives. Kicking the show off was the aptly titled blaster, “Get It Started” which gets right into the face of the audience screaming “Hey, you! Whatcha waiting for? Let’s get it started!”. And from there it was nothing shy of a wild, frenetic, sometimes Fireball fueled, rock show that left a smile plastered on your face for the next 24-48 hours. A good many Shiprocked Cruise alum came out to support their brazen Brits who had made the cruise line-up back in February this year. “Hate” is a set list standard and also RavenEye’s newest video release in which they eat a Ghost Chili Pepper before performing the song for the cameras. Brilliant, right? They performed it that night with all the fervor of eating 3 or 4! “Oh My Love” is a swinging blues number…if that swing was comprised of a rusty chain and old truck tire filled with mosquito infested swamp water. What I mean to say is that this tune is nasty good. A hard driving 4/4 beat that contain grooves as deep as the washout on the back forty of grandpa’s Mississippi farmland. Rife with tasty blues licks that descend into fuzzy power chords, the song is a roller coaster of emotion and sonic flavor. And when Oli is really hyped, which was tonight, he channels Chris Cornell jumping up into the stratosphere a full 2 octaves above the chorus melody almost melting the microphone! “Supernova,” affectionately referred to as the band’s “Cherub Rock” by yours truly, is on par with the ethereal, melodic epic of The Smashing Pumpkins. But even THAT auditory awesomeness was to be eclipsed. The highlight of the night, at least for the fans, was their rowdy “Hey Hey Yeah” featuring the famous shoulder sit that if you’re fortunate enough to see in a smaller venue, takes place IN THE CROWD. Oli hops up on Aaron’s shoulders and they stroll around in the audience wailing away on their instruments, Aaron thumping his bass and Oli flying around the fret like a man possessed by the great Hendrix himself! And what’s a rock show without a song about sex? As Oli prefaced, the measure to be considered a REAL rock band, one MUST have a song about the physical pleasures of love making. “Wanna Feel You” rolled into the venue like the Roman gods Athena and Mars balled up in sweaty sheets and everyone within listening distance was instantly entranced and feeling lucky. It is a sexy song to say the least. But alas, the show was over waaaaaay too soon for the RavenEye faithful. But just as ceremoniously as they started the show, the book to close out the night was spot on. “You Got It” seemed, that night, an anthem to the 3 guys giving all they had on stage. Emotionally, physically and even spiritually, as if to say, “You guys got every last ounce of us here tonight,” RavenEye racked their instruments, waved to the crowd and walked off stage right arm in arm.

RavenEye members: Oli Brown – lead vocals, guitar (2014–present) Aaron Spiers – backing vocals, bass guitar (2014–present) Adam Breeze - drums (2016–present)

"Hate" Video shot by Tom Pratt and Drew Ormrod. Baltimore Concert Footage by Drew Ormrod.

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