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The Cult - The Fillmore Miami Beach

In support of “Hidden City”, The Cult’s ninth studio album over their on-again-off-again 30+ year run, these legends of “post-punk/gothic rock” blasted their way onto the m ,beach to play the landmark Fillmore Miami Beach. Supporting act, Holy White Hounds, brought their rambunctious, frat fueled style of rock and roll to kick things off…and delivered. The anticipation of seeing the 80’s icons live and in person, sweating on stage, pouring out their sacred souls, was palpable. As the house lights dimmed, giving way to the eerie glow of red and green stage lights, the opening riffs of “Wild Flower” ripped through the auditory nerves. Growling vocals soon followed and all in attendance were reminded of the widely held notion that DNA from Billy Idol and Jim Morrison had somehow been hijacked and subsequently mixed in a laboratory test tube by a mad scientist to create the impassioned Ian Astbury, front man of the music group known as The Cult. Blasting through wider known hits like “Rain”, “Sweet Soul Sister” and “Fire Woman”, they also went deep into the catalogue as well as premiered select tracks from their newest album and tour namesake. Billy Duffy’s vintage tinged hollow body guitar chords created a sonic tornado around soulfully discontent vocals. He shuffled around the stage in a meandering, melodic march, axe slung low below his waist and a purpose of destruction with every swipe of the pick on steel strings. If this review is starting to sound a little too poetic, it can’t be helped, especially in light of the tapestry unfurled before the crowd for all to see… All the hip young things trying to make a scene / Living out forbidden dreams / Star spangled banner flutters in the sky / Time hustles those who wait to die. That night at the Fillmore Miami Beach, we were all alive!

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