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Steel Panther - Culture Room

As any “Fanther” knows, a home town Steel Panther show is NOT to be missed. Period. Part glam metal parade, part comedy roast (fellow band mates and audience members are favorite targets), Michael Star, Lexxi Foxx, Stix Zadinia and Satchel bring back the glory of over indulgent rock n’ roll gods. Replete with shrieking vocals, thunderous bass lines and face melting guitar solos, Steel Panther aims to please with every single show! Last night was certainly no exception. Often billed as a parody band, such a moniker belies the genius behind the spandex and hormone soaked bravado. To simply stop at such an ill equipped label is to totally discount the skillful melding of their NSFW lyrics atop hard rocking riffs Def Leppard or Bon Jovi WISHED they penned.

The spandex styled songsters of Steel Panther burst onto the stage with their appropriately placed show opener, “Eyes of a Panther” and never let off the gas if only to rib one another during the band mate intros or serenade a specially selected female audience member on stage with “Girl From Oklahoma”. Working the crowd into a frenzy with other favorites like, “Tiger Woods,” “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End of the World” and “Community Property”, the moment every fan eagerly awaited finally arrived: females from the crowd encouraged to climb on stage and jump around like school girls (among other things) during the raucous romp, “17 Girls In A Row”. Closing the show’s encore with their breakout hit, “Death To All But Metal” (Cory Taylor of Slipknot lending vocals on the studio track and Sara Silverman’s over the top sultry high school principal character for the video), seems an appropriate finale as Steel Panther, along with their die hard following, are unapologetically keeping heavy metal alive!

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